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Excellent mediator

The following is a review of real estate mediation by Ido Alexander. Through my experience in being a physician, and in business and investing, I have experienced many different personalities. Given such, it became immediately apparent to me that Ido Alexander has a unique ability to steer strong emotions as well as disjointed viewpoints into a constructive outcome. His years of experience not only give him immense wisdom based on historical data, but also attentiveness to the critical details of a negotiation. I initially did not feel as though I understood the benefits of mediation, until I had the opportunity to work with a professional like Ido Alexander who is able to provide an incredibly valuable service. I truly appreciated his patient guidance, his perspective, and his ability to unite as opposed to divide. If matters arose again, I would be very happy to work with Ido Alexander. However, hopeful to avoid those circumstances, I give Ido Alexander my highest recommendation as both a mediator and a person of character.

– Dr. Y

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