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Business Law

AlignX Law understands that innovative companies require innovative counsel. Our clients provide visionary services and products. With cryptocurrency and eCommerce, they're investing in the future. Many of our clients are entrepreneurs, startups, and other rapidly growing companies whose legal needs are not the same today as they were yesterday or what they will be tomorrow. We can help you identify the X-factors—the variables that will have the most significant impact on the outcome in your situation—and align all the elements for success. We perform all the services you would require of an in-house General Counsel.

Business Formation/Startups:

AlignX Law handles all aspects of business formation and startups. We help new entrepreneurs determine the best sources of financing—how to work with angel investors, how corporate structures impact investors' interest, and more. We draft company formation documents, including partnership and shareholder agreements, and prepare and file company registrations.

Business formation services we provide include:

  • Working with investors, venture capital, other financing sources
  • Entity Types - 

Corporate Services:

We take care of the day-to-day legal issues that impact a company. AlignX Law can represent you in negotiations with vendors, suppliers, and clients. We review existing contracts and resolve contractual disputes. We negotiate and prepare employment contracts. We analyze policies and practices to ensure that your company is in compliance with state and federal laws.

AlignX Law's corporate services include:

Buy-Sell Agreements/Business Acquisitions:

Rapid expansion often includes rapid transformation. Companies may be looking for firms or assets to acquire—from vendors to competitors or those in related markets. However, buying a company or assets is far more complicated than a simple purchase, The purchase may include a company's brand, goodwill, customers, and trade secrets. Perhaps most of all you wish to retain the employees who have built the company into a success. AlignX Law can help with either buying or selling a company or its assets. 

AlignX Law's business/asset acquisition work includes:

  • Presale analysis of assets and liabilities
  • Negotiation of deal structure and sales terms
  • Drafting of Letters of Intent
  • Preparation of buy-sell agreements and related documentation
  • Post-acquisition review and consolidation of policies, practices, and contracts

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