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Blockchain | Crypto Investigations and Advisory

We relish the challenges of uncovering assets, however well-hidden they may be. We offer turnkey packages to investigate, identify, and recover crypto assets. We will also assist you in evaluating and conducting the necessary due diligence for these types of investments as part of our advisory services.

AlignX Law's founder, Ido Alexander, has gained experience in Blockchain/Crypto investigations and turnover, leading one of the first cases in the country involving crypto turnover in a chapter 7 bankruptcy case, and has lectured government appointed fiduciaries on the topic. He can serve as a consultant, special counsel, or investigator for other professionals in the investigation, discovery, or in the turnover of assets that have been hidden and siphoned into various wallets.  Ido is certified as a Cryptocurrency Tracing Certified Examiner by CipherTrace.

Examples of the types of matters where he can serve as an investigator, consultant, or special counsel, include:

  • Receivership or Bankruptcy
  • Family-Divorce Proceedings
  • Litigation
  • Collections
  • Probate
  • Transactional 

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AlignX Law office is located in Davie, Florida. In person appointments upon request. We serve business clients in Florida and offer blockchain, crypto consulting, privacy, and cybersecurity services nationwide.

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